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Published: 16th November 2010
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Unique therapeutic tool

Bianstone is specifically a medical and unique therapeutic tool. The word "Bian" is generally cited as "needle stone" in numerous legends. However, It's a common misconception that acupuncture was originated from Bianstone. According to the first ancient Chinese medical book, the Yellow Emperors Classics of Internal Medicine (Nei Jing), exactly 4700 B.C, it introduced the principle of Bianstone TherapeuticsTM and described the stone (and its therapy) as "the head of Chinese Medicals". Bianstone TherapeuticsTM plays an important individual role in forming the complete whole system in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

New Stone Age

Ancient Bianstone therapy was firstly emerged in the New Stone Age. Legendary told us that the stone is formed in the Nature through some accidental celestial bodies’ collision. Ancestors discovered this scarce stone can eliminate their diseases through manual manipulations. Intelligence collects from generation to generation and gradually forms this unique Bianstone TherapeuticsTM. Nevertheless it is lost since Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220 A.D.) for over 2000 years since the lack of suitable rock materials for making therapeutic tools.


It’s filled with wonder when the East meets the West. Modern petrological analytical techniques helps Bianstone to recur. Through the examination of over 100 different kinds of stones, Sibin Stone is found to be an ideal raw material in making Bianstone.

Modern science explores the mystery of why Bianstone has its unique therapeutic effects. Bianstone is found to be able to emit ultrasound and infrared electromagnetic waves. Ultrasound in the frequency of 3708 pulses on average were produced when human body is pushed or scraped by Sibin Stone whereas infrared electromagnetic waves could be emitted in the 8-14µm spectrum zone. The unique micrometric limestone of its nature accounts for its great emission power and high thermal capacity. There is no toxins or poisons element found in the Bianstone. Hence, the scientific examination provides a strong evidence-based support of its unique therapeutic effects as a medical tool.

Health is Forever

Bianstone can promote health. Ultrasound and infrared electromagnetic waves can improve body circulations, reduce pain and inflammation. In the eastern naturopathy perspective, Bianstone can even regulate the Qi and opening up the energy channels and collaterals, dispelling rheumatism, clearing away from the heat and thus tranquilizing the mind.

Bianstone is the gift from the Nature and it is an alternative to the sole use of medication for the treatment of illness and diseases as a green medicine.

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